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Our Intend for Purebred French Bulldog started from the discovery that presently there is no satisfactory solution to have purebred puppies without at least one party trying as a result of the lack of real Knowledge or communication. The dog seeker either does not know enough about where the puppy is coming from or the breeder will lack Knowledge about their puppies’s future situation. We noticed the need for a landing page where serious buyers and can Visit and build trust. An French dreamland Bulldogs, buyers can find puppies of different ages, colors,sex and sises in an open and transparent mind. we as well have direct of communication with all clients to assure that the buyers Know the needs and responsibility concerning their French Bulldogs, and that they are able to give an excellent home to them


We have been breeding the French Bulldogs for 17 years now . We decided to choose the French Bulldog breed because it was my first pet to have . When i was a kid, my parents bought for me a male French bulldog puppy called Angedi. The puppy was just so super precious . Angedi was very playful, friendly,lovely and the best of all very neat . I happened to be the only child to my parents but with the coming of Angedi, i never felt lonely as he was my junior brother . With the much love for him, i decided to start intensive research on the breed and i finally became a breeder . Thanks very much to my wife Yanira who also a vet and largely contributing to the success of the facility . French bulls are therapy dogs and are the best dog breed for children  


All our puppies are home raised and are never advertised younger than the age of 10 weeks . They are all vet checked, crate trained,vaccinated and come with a 6 months health guarantee each . Visit the available puppies page to make your choice .
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