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When many hear the name shipping, what comes first to their minds is that the puppy is to be transported by sea . No . Shipping is a general term but when it comes to puppies, it means that the puppies will be sent by plane

We ship to all countries and the shipping fee is paid by the purchaser . Shipping within USA and Canada is cheaper than to other continents .We at times have free shipping coupons from transportation agencies as bonuses .

Individuals rarely have pets shipping licenses so most of the shipping process is mostly handled by licensed third party agencies who know all what it takes to make the journey a swing .

At times, the puppy may need an AC crate for transportation . The AC Crates are not applicable to all puppies . It is the decision of the vets after examining the puppy in question .The AC crate is to guarantee the safe delivery of the puppy . When the special crate is needed, refundable deposits are always been demanded by the shippers . The buyer is responsible for the deposits as the refunds are to be made to the buyer upon delivery of the puppy in question .
Puppies are shipped in crates containing food and enough water for the puppies

If you want the puppy shipped , we just need to know your name ,address, phone number and the name of the nearest airport to you . If you want home delivery, your home address will be needed but home delivery always cost 50 Dollars extra.

Puppies are shipped by specialist who make sure that the puppies arrive to customers 100% healthy .love and compassion is always the principal zeal of the transportation agencies.

Shipping fees fluctuate especially during peak seasons like xmas, new year,valentines day, Easter periods etc .
All puppies are health guaranteed but if a travelling insurances is required, the buyer is to be responsible as travelling insurances are refundable.

At times, shipping maybe delayed because of whether condition, mechanical break down etc . If this happens, the buyer should not expect any compensation from the seller . The most important thing is for the puppy to be healthily delivered .

We accept payment through Cash app,Bitcoin,Walmart,Moneygram,Western union and many other forms .

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