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What our clients say about Us

Antony, NY

I much appreciate your promptness in communication especially by email . I received the healthy puppy .We love him so so much. I was extremely happy as my puppy was delivered on time . He is my source of Joy .I will be contacting you soon for another puppy

Jennifer, MD

Oh my Goodness . I am so pleased and extremely happy to inform you that rex arrived home safely . We got a call from the transportation agency at exactly 06:30 in the morning that they were bringing the puppy to me at home . My heart had a faster beat as i was too curious . When they reached, my children all started pouring out tears of joy . The puppy is healthy and very playful . We are just back from the vet and all is well . We will for ever remain happy with you dreamland Bulldogs for making our dreams come through.


When i was asked to pay money by western union or money-gram, i at once thought it was a scam but the love i had for the puppy made me to give a try . I had no positive emotions n receiving the puppy as i knew it was to be another scam but i was positively shocked receiving a call from LAX to come pick my puppy . dreamland French Bulldogs, you have made me to now know that there is still genuine business on internet . Though the flight was delayed by 2 hours, the puppy arrived very safely. I will send to yo pictures

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Thomas Mensar

At last it is a dream come true . I have been looking for s genuine buyer online but always encountered scammers . I was very happy to discover that you were a genuine breeder . The two puppies arrives very safely and they have been taken to the vet and all is ok . My neighbor is so jealous of them and will be contacting you for 1 . Dreamland French Bulldogs, keep up.


I have never been nervous in my life . When i told my friends that i booked for a puppy online, they turned me into a laughing stock saying that scam stole my money . I am sorry for all the doubts and the numerous heartbreaking names i called you guys . If you were not kind hearted, you could have had the puppies sent back . We have been speechless since we receive the puppies . They are so sweet, affectionate, passionate and super playful .
I cant stop thanking you please


Hello dreamland Bulldogs, we thought buying a puppy online was very complicated especially as i am not very good in English . We found it very easy and stress free . Your emails and explanations were easy and simple to understand . The puppy reached us at the exact time and stated in the invoice . We also need a maltese puppy please . Can you please tell me how to get one?


Hello dreamland, i am loving the puppy more and more . Jane is the best thing that has happened to us this year . She is very neat and not too house broken . She is excellent with my 3 years old Boy by name Clifford. Will you mind to make me a discount if i make another purchase?


Hello dreamland French Bulldogs, i have been channeled to your website by a friend in Canada . I am interested in a fawn and black male and female puppies . Can i know how much the two will cost ?

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